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 Mint [Pokémon Card GB2]

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PostSubject: Mint [Pokémon Card GB2]   Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:45 am

Throw Pokeball Back-

Face North-
Face South-
Face East-
Face West-
On Bike Facing North-
On Bike Facing South-
On Bike Facing East-
On Bike Facing West-
Walk/run/bike North-
Walk/run/bike South-
Walk/run/bike East-
Walk/run/bike West-
Fish All directions-
Surf and Fish All directions-
Surf all directions-
Use Pokeball-
Surf and use Pokeball All directions-
Use VS. Seeker-
Surf and use VS. Seeker All directions-
Ladder/hole/escape rope-
[Catch a Trainer- (only for NPC Trainers)]

Face South underwater-
Face North underwater-
Face East underwater-
Face West underwater-
Move South underwater-
Move North underwater-
Move East underwater-
Move West underwater-

Battle Sprite-

I'm going to give you a little something to look at before my week absence.

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Mint [Pokémon Card GB2]
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