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 Kanto places list

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Kanto places list Empty
PostSubject: Kanto places list   Kanto places list EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 7:24 pm

All the Kanto that need to be done and separated into tiles.

Pallet Town DONE
Viridian City 50%
Pewter City 50%
Cerulean City 50%
Vermilion City
Lavender Town
Celadon City
Saffron City
Fuchsia City
Cinnabar Island
Indigo Plateau
Routes 1 - 28
Professor Oak's Laboratory
Viridian Forest
Diglett's Cave
Pewter Museum of Science
Mt. Moon (Square)
Cerulean Cave
Underground Path
S.S. Anne
S.S. Aqua
Cerulean Cape
Rock Tunnel
Power Plant
Cycling Road
Rocket Hideout
Silph Co.
Magnet Train
Pokémon Tower
Safari Zone/Pal Park
Seafoam Islands
Pokémon Mansion
Pokémon Lab
Pokémon League Reception Gate
Victory Road
Tohjo Falls
Sevii Islands

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Kanto places list
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